A Bot to get you some Crowns (useless since CR got the Clanwar update)
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A Bot, that controls ClashRoyal. Perfect for Crown farming.

Warning ! You might get banned for useing this Program.

And you going to loose some trophys. Bot losses some matches -> Bot gets easyer oponents -> Bot winns some matches (And earn crowns) -> Bot gets harder oponents -> Bot looses some matches....

What is this bot?

  • Automated Bot for Battles
  • funny to watch
  • Good for Crown-farming for the clan chest

What is this bot not?

  • A way to farm trophys
  • A Programm that plays better than an average human
  • Time efficent



How to use it?

This java Apllication needs some kind of Mobile Device Emulator or Interface. I have tested it with Teamviewer and Nox Appplayer. You can configure points of the Clashroyale app, where the bot automatically clicks. These clicks can cause Troops to spawn or Buttons to be Pressed.

Video (a bit outdated):


How does it work?

This program emulates a mouse and keyboard and controls your computer with that emulated hardware. To The App it look, like you are a normal user.


  • Automated Backfocus
  • Save / Load Profiles
  • Pause or Skip Actions
  • defineable placement speed or randmoness