Automatically accept lol matches
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This is a tool, that tries to automatically accept a league of legends game. It is developed on linux and there is no effort to port it to windows. It works by accessing the launcher using the LCU-API more about that api can be found here. I only tested this in normals and ranked (No Aram, Custom, URF, ....) but you may want to give it a try.

Prebuilt Binary

There is a prebuild AppImage that should work on every linux x86_64 computer.

  1. Download: here
  2. give execute rights chmod +x LoLAutoAccept-*-x86_64.AppImage
  3. execute - dubble click or ./LoLAutoAccept-*-x86_64.AppImage


  • Qt5
  • libcurl
  • Log (is a submodule)


Be sure to clone with submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Then in its root folder:


# build the appimage
make -j appimg

# or just the main binary
make -j

You can get better Logging with:

./lolautoaccept --debug-log

(This will also create a log.txt)