A Tool to download a entire Chat from Telegram to have a handy backup.
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A CLI program to download a chat from telegram.

How to install (linux only)


install requirements:

sudo apt install python3-pip git
pip3 install telethon

get the downloader:

open the file config.ini and enter your API ID, hash and username.

Then run:

cd TelegramChatDownloader/ ./telegramApi.py

##### Output Format
The chat structure is stored as "chat.xml" in the folder "out/"
All Media-files are Stored in the folder out/media/

Stickers get downloaded too, but they wont get a file-postfix.
They are stored in the [WEBP](https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebP) format.

A sample chat.xml could look like this:




<msg>Thats sick</msg>