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Cross (X) Plattform (Linux/Mac/Win) Simulator for input devices to simulate mouse moves/clicks/scrolls or keyboard keystrokes.

Build Status

This program is published under the terms of the LGPL (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/) ####How to use For a detailed example see main.cpp

  XInputSimulator &sim = XInputSimulator::getInstance();

  sim.mouseMoveTo(500,400);                           //set mouse to screen cords 500x400
  sim.mouseMoveRelative(400, -100);                   //move frome there 400px in x to the right and -100px in y upwards
  sim.mouseDown(XInputSimulator::LEFT_MOUSE_BUTTON);  //press left mouse and hold
  sim.mouseMoveRelative(0, 300);                      //drag/mark with pressed mousebutton 300px down
  sim.mouseUp(XInputSimulator::LEFT_MOUSE_BUTTON);    //release the mousebutton press

building for Linux use -lX11 -lXtst
building for Mac use -framework ApplicationServices Carbon CoreFoundation
building for Win use User32.lib

for cmake there is a CMakeLists.txt file -simply type (for all platforms):

>$ mkdir build
>$ cd build
>$ cmake ../XInputSimulator/
>$ cmake --build .

for xcode you can generate a project by

>$ mkdir build
>$ cd build
>$ cmake -G Xcode ../XInputSimulator/

####Status early Alpha 2013-07-16: Linux, Mac and Win part with following functions

mouseScrollY  //up and down
mouseScrollX  //left an right

be aware that some glitches might appear and the interface might be changing every minute due to the early state of development. There is not much testing going on apart from the main.cpp. Feel free to file bugreports, wishes or patches :)