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Extracted from libqxt.

History and initial file structure is preserved to make possible cherry-picking potential changes from libqxt. Everything not required for QxtGlobalShortcut to work is removed. For more info on the original libqxt project check out their repo on Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/libqxt/libqxt


This project is designed for static linking.

  1. Add source code to your project.

I recommend using git submodules unless you have a better option.

  1. Enable QxtGlobalShortcut by importing provided .pri file:

In your .pro file add:

# Adding QxtGlobalShortcut
  1. Include "qxtglobalshortcut.h" and use QxtGlobalShortcut class:
#include "qxtglobalshortcut.h"


QxtGlobalShortcut myShortcut(QKeySequence("Shift+F1"));
QObject::connect(&myShortcut, SIGNAL(activated()), something, SLOT(shortcutActivated()));

For a more complete usage example see examples dir.