A little Java / Arduino program to fool your friends.
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  1. # MouseTroll
  2. A little Programm, that spinn your mouse coursor.
  3. The Arduino version is for [this](http://digistump.com/products/1) USB-Stick.
  4. To stop the Java version, just move your mouse to the top left corner and then down to the bottom right within 5 seconds
  5. (should work for multi-screen-setup, but no warranty.)
  6. To stop the Arduino version just unplug the device or constantly reset the processor of the device (not the computer!!!).
  7. ###### Have a nice and funny troll
  8. I take no warranty for anything!
  9. ### Download Java Version
  10. [![Build Status](https://jenkins.mrbesen.de/buildStatus/icon?job=MouseTroll)](https://jenkins.mrbesen.de/job/MouseTroll/)
  11. [JavaDownload](https://jenkins.mrbesen.de/job/MouseTroll/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/MouseTroll.jar)