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  Oliver 1de6e05cfa
remove shutdownhook 1 month ago
  mrbesen 112722d1c5
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mrbesen.de:2222/GamingServerGeraet/TelegramAPI 1 month ago
  mrbesen 57db456a80
allow attachment removal 1 month ago
  Oliver 7e8de1156d
remove log4j2.properties 1 month ago
  mrbesen 9f7829b28a
fixed nullpointerexception, eventsystem improved, shutdownhook 1 month ago
  mrbesen 545e328b07
added function to build static keyboards 3 months ago
  MrBesen 225faa948d
unit tests, insert videos 3 months ago
  mrbesen aee04b5a13
improved simple log 3 months ago
  MrBesen d2e0ab9a3f
feedback working 5 months ago
  MrBesen 277ae924aa
first steps 5 months ago
  mrbesen 0b29156a8b
fixed dependency duplication 5 months ago
  mrbesen ed13f4c9b0
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mrbesen.de:2222/GamingServerGeraet/TelegramAPI 5 months ago
  mrbesen b67fd9eded
removed useless tests 5 months ago
  mrbesen 0c5baa5164
reduced logging overhead, jsonbased.get improved 5 months ago
  MrBesen d300e7727c
fixed link regex 6 months ago
  MrBesen bb7ddf3480
updated regex 8 months ago
  MrBesen da67d9c27a
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mrbesen.de:2222/GamingServerGeraet/TelegramAPI 9 months ago
  MrBesen c51405ea91
cooldown 9 months ago
  mrbesen 356485d2cc
added awnser callback 9 months ago
  MrBesen f1a1f29608 removed help message in group chat 9 months ago
  MrBesen 1687267741 removed dependency 1 year ago
  mrbesen 36521f20ad
fixed compiler warning, api defaults to long polling 1 year ago
  MrBesen 5f8dc8875d
updated version, event system reworked 1 year ago
  MrBesen da3b3ecf63
changed internal Event and Command structure 1 year ago
  mrbesen 3c6c0328ce
added convient method send Async 1 year ago
  mrbesen 9616c0b2fb
dont override reciver 1 year ago
  MrBesen 09dd990036 bots in groups commands fixed 1 year ago
  MrBesen a23e800e7e
message builder 1 year ago
  MrBesen 80ab409e64 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mrbesen.de:2222/GamingServerGeraet/TelegramAPI 1 year ago
  MrBesen dcc774c4d3
changed userid to long 1 year ago
  mrbesen fbeae445ad
catch message not modified exception 1 year ago
  mrbesen 9a8de527a1
fixed error reading 1 year ago
  mrbesen 01866b6a32
added Photo to Attachment.getForExt() 1 year ago
  MrBesen c5ef10ba80
merge 1 year ago
  MrBesen 6d6a17a4df
message builder, sending Documents 1 year ago
  mrbesen 4e2d394e4d
Added Async prio 1 year ago
  mrbesen 69cb78ce5c
updateMarkup & lowinternet handleing 1 year ago
  mrbesen 3e289beec5
minor additions 1 year ago
  mrbesen 404971ce76
improved long polling 1 year ago
  mrbesen a8011462f3
longpolling 1 year ago
  mrbesen 6bc04e719a
added async delete, updateable msg 1 year ago
  mrbesen 0e7e4408ac
no update logging 1 year ago
  MrBesen 8b67f1d8a2
editCaption with KB 1 year ago
  MrBesen 077017f590
update captions 1 year ago
  MrBesen d52e8f22a4
fixed bug with caption 1 year ago
  MrBesen 61527b9737
message Builder with encoded url 1 year ago
  MrBesen c971c05de3 „README.md“ ändern 1 year ago
  MrBesen 52482f96c4 added download link 1 year ago
  MrBesen d746b581e4 README.md hinzugefügt 1 year ago
  mrbesen da50dde972
changed structure 1 year ago