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mrbesen e5495bc833
fixed Command Parsing 4 months ago
mrbesen 6bf1eb8387
fixed bug, with wrong messages get forworded to the awdmin 7 months ago
mrbesen 2b9b0dab06
reconnect on conncetion refused slowed 7 months ago
mrbesen 64016a859c
fixed problem, with MessageBuilder and media events 8 months ago
mrbesen 014e58a45b
TFile extends TSendable 8 months ago
mrbesen 279dca0286
async getfile 8 months ago
MrBesen 97b72385a3
newuserevnet, userblockedbotevent 8 months ago
mrbesen 1fe7bc64d3
TMessage getFile 8 months ago
mrbesen a4a0b8e649
attachment for fileext catch null 8 months ago
mrbesen e0f531004f
fix usercallbackevent gives wrong user bug 8 months ago
mrbesen 1e7b3f4794
neues event setzten (ohne casten), neue events(UserSendPhoto, UserSendDocument) 8 months ago
mrbesen d359b89851
new keyboard code 9 months ago
mrbesen 6ca91303b3
disable web preview in feedbackinfo; added allow_sending_without_reply in messagebuilder 9 months ago
MrBesen 7d1e478260
feedback callback 9 months ago
MrBesen e2eb71a1a6
set threadcount in start 9 months ago
MrBesen 39d99685d1
async 9 months ago
mrbesen 7a5b2d72ca
Tmessage getFileID 10 months ago
mrbesen 9dc407180d
should fix #2 10 months ago
mrbesen f6196f3a1f
isAdmin 10 months ago
mrbesen 589fd898f2
MessageBuilder.send() 10 months ago
mrbesen 4429763547
add getFile 10 months ago
mrbesen 0085e7b77c
fixed setBotCommand 10 months ago
mrbesen b8854cb482
updated link in readme 10 months ago
mrbesen 812d3f8df1
add setBotCommand 10 months ago
MrBesen b7315a1766
inlinekb add makeSingleButton 10 months ago
mrbesen a88f8b5cf5
http connection 11 months ago
MrBesen 35eb9e71c6
support for custom apiurl 11 months ago
mrbesen a51a07c238
even better error logging 1 year ago
mrbesen 58e5286b3b
error logging improved 1 year ago
mrbesen 9b6da7080b
fixed missing return error 1 year ago
mrbesen add7f5ece2
429 handling 1 year ago
Oliver 1de6e05cfa
remove shutdownhook 1 year ago
mrbesen 112722d1c5
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mrbesen.de:2222/GamingServerGeraet/TelegramAPI 1 year ago
mrbesen 57db456a80
allow attachment removal 1 year ago
Oliver 7e8de1156d
remove log4j2.properties 1 year ago
mrbesen 9f7829b28a
fixed nullpointerexception, eventsystem improved, shutdownhook 1 year ago
mrbesen 545e328b07
added function to build static keyboards 1 year ago
MrBesen 225faa948d
unit tests, insert videos 1 year ago
mrbesen aee04b5a13
improved simple log 1 year ago
MrBesen d2e0ab9a3f
feedback working 2 years ago
MrBesen 277ae924aa
first steps 2 years ago
mrbesen 0b29156a8b
fixed dependency duplication 2 years ago
mrbesen ed13f4c9b0
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mrbesen.de:2222/GamingServerGeraet/TelegramAPI 2 years ago
mrbesen b67fd9eded
removed useless tests 2 years ago
mrbesen 0c5baa5164
reduced logging overhead, jsonbased.get improved 2 years ago
MrBesen d300e7727c
fixed link regex 2 years ago
MrBesen bb7ddf3480
updated regex 2 years ago
MrBesen da67d9c27a
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mrbesen.de:2222/GamingServerGeraet/TelegramAPI 2 years ago
MrBesen c51405ea91
cooldown 2 years ago
mrbesen 356485d2cc
added awnser callback 2 years ago